Shikha Jain

Dr Shikha Jain has worked on several nomination dossiers for India and other Asian countries. She was Member Secretary of the Advisory Committee on World Heritage Matters to the Ministry of Culture, India, from 2011–15, during its elected term in the World Heritage Committee. Dr Jain has worked as a consultant to UNESCO New Delhi on specific missions. She is currently Vice President for ICOFORT, ICOMOS; UNESCO Visiting Faculty at the Category 2 Centre, Wildlife Institute of India, Dehradun; Haryana State Convener of INTACH and Founder Director, DRONAH, leading a diverse range of conservation, world heritage and museum planning projects across India and Southeast Asia in more than two decades of her practice, including preparation of Conservation Master Plan of Gandhi Bhawan in Chandigarh. She has a post-graduate degree in Community Design and Preservation from Kansas University, USA, and a doctorate in architectural history from De Montfort University, UK.

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