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Living Heritage of Mewar

Dr. Shikha Jain and Vanicka Arora
Foreword by Deborah Marrow Preface by Shriji Arvind Singh Mewar
Maharana of Mewar Charitable Foundation (Images Courtesy: Museum Archives of The Maharanas of Mewar (MAMM) and Media Office, The City Palace, Udaipur)

The City Palace at Udaipur has gone through generations of change and transformation since its inception as the genius loci of Udaipur in the  mid-16th century.

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The City Palace at Udaipur has gone through generations of change and transformation since its inception as the genius loci of Udaipur in the  mid-16th century.
Twenty-two generations of custodians from the House of Mewar, who have safeguarded and developed this invaluable resource of Udaipur, have contributed to five distinct phases and styles of architecture that subsequently impacted the urban form of the lake city of Udaipur. This book is a narrative of the multifaceted architectural evolution of this unique palace–fortress type interwoven with contemporaneous socio-political changes.

The initial section of the volume provides an overview of the exhaustive research and analysis of the palace architecture that was undertaken by the Maharana of Mewar Charitable Foundation during the preparation of its Conservation Master Plan with support of the Getty Foundation between 2005–2009, including a thorough study of art, architecture, landscape and built fabric within 57 palace spaces. The concluding section of this book offers an insight into the ongoing initiatives of the Maharana of Mewar Charitable Foundation in conservation and planning of these palace spaces and their conversion into a Living Heritage Museum of global significance. This book will be an important resource for all scholars, researchers, travel buffs and museum lovers involved in studying or visiting Udaipur and other areas of erstwhile Mewar.

SHIKHA JAIN is the founding member and Director, Preservation & Community Design, at Development and Research Organisation for Nature, Arts and Heritage (DRONAH), an organisation dedicated to built heritage conservation, ecology and environment, as well as engaging communities. She is also the Principal Coordinator (Projects) for Maharana of Mewar Charitable Foundation, The City Palace, Udaipur. She has steered conservation projects for various state governments in India as well as international organisations such as the Getty Foundation. Jain has also lent her expertise to the preparation of Nomination Dossiers & Management Plans for World Heritage Sites in India and was a consultant to UNESCO on the City Development Plan Toolkit and Cultural Heritage Toolkit for the Ministry of Urban Development. She holds a Masters in Architecture from Kansas State University, USA, and her doctoral work from De Montfort University, UK, which received the Research Award from Indian Institute of Architects in 2004. She is the State Convener of INTACH Haryana Chapter and member of several state and national committees under the Ministry of Culture. She was Member Secretary of the Advisory Committee on World Heritage Matters to the Ministry of Culture, India, from 2011–15. She is a visiting faculty at SPA, New Delhi, and has several publications on culture and heritage of India to her credit.

VANICKA ARORA is a conservation architect and academic. She completed her MSc in Conservation of Historic Buildings at the University of Bath, UK, and has been working with DRONAH for the past seven years on conservation projects in Rajasthan and Punjab. She has coordinated several urban-level regeneration projects and museum planning proposals, along with building conservation and reuse schemes. Arora is the assistant editor of DRONAH’s bi-annual journal Context-Built, Living and Natural, and the co-author of Training Guide on Disaster Risk Management of Cultural Heritage in Urban Areas, published by the Ritsumeikan University, Kyoto, and is also a visiting faculty at Sushant School of Art and Architecture.

• Foreword
• Preface
• Architecture, Culture and Patronage
• Founding of a New Capital
• Expansion of the Palace
• Blending of Styles and Ideas
• Colonial Interactions and Final Phase of Expansion
• Princely India, Democracy and Institutionalisation
• Conservation and Adaptations
• Conservation of the Palace Spaces
• City Palace as a Living Museum
• Bibliography
• Index
• Glossary
• Acknowledgements
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Pages 176
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Size 11 x 10" (241 x 292 mm), hc
Date of Publishing 2017
Language(s) English
Co-publisher(s) Mapin in association with Supported by Maharana of Mewar Charitable Foundation, Udaipur
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