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Zen of Seeing

Rajshree Sarabhai

Contributions by HH the Dalai Lama (Foreword) Photographs by Rajashree Sarabhai

Having long sensed the gentleness of your vision,
I see this confirmed with the tender
revelation of nature’s secrets.
It is said that we only see in nature
what we have learned in art.
Through your art we see nature more clearly.
—Jack Lenor Larson

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Having long sensed the gentleness of your vision,I see this confirmed with the tenderrevelation of nature’s secrets.It is said that we only see in naturewhat we have learned in art.Through your art we see nature more clearly.—Jack Lenor Larson
Rajshree Sarabhai sees things around us in a way that makes us look at the world through her eyes. Being in the midst of nature with her camera is a form of meditation for her. She captures extraordinarily beautiful details that bring out the magical beauty of nature which many of us miss. At her fi rst exhibition in 1995, some of the comments read, “Thanks for showing us the ordinary excellences we don’t see!” and “I will never see leaves in the same way again!” She captures those moments, colours and details we overlook through her spectacular portfolio of photographs.

These unusual photographs are all taken in natural surroundings and in gardens, capturing plants as they are.

Rajshree Sarabhai is a designer, with the focus of her work being on textiles. She founded her design fi rm, Rajka Designs, about 25 years ago. Her creative work with textiles is based on the textile craft traditions of India but her work is contemporary and shows her sensitivity to the craft. She has been involved with nature and wildlife photography and has worked on several interpretation projects. This work represents her abstract and creative photography. She has also been involved in designing large terracotta pottery. Sarabhai has been infl uenced by Buddhist thought, especially Zen writing.

ISBN 9788188204540
Pages 80
Number of illustrations 75 colour photographs
Size 11 x 9" (280 x 229 mm), hc
Date of Publishing 2007
Language(s) English
Co-publisher(s) Mapin
Rights Available World rights

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