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The Eyes of the Thar

Satish Gupta

The Eyes of the Thar brings the desert in western Rajasthan alive through the sensitive eyes of the multi-talented artist Satish Gupta.

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The Eyes of the Thar brings the desert in western Rajasthan alive through the sensitive eyes of the multi-talented artist Satish Gupta.
His poetry and drawings come together, words and images weaving an intricate web of reflection, repose, distance and intimacy as they meld thought and feeling and compel one to pause and wonder.

The reader is taken on a timeless journey through the carved havelis, the frescoed walls, the wondrous life of royalty and the colours of desert fairs to the vast open expanses of the dunes with nomads on camel backs winding their way through eternity.

This journey is not a solitary one, for in the captivating figures of Jasma and Durga, of Nazri and Arman and others, the sensuality of glance and pose, both, entice the reader to join them and experience the mystery and austere beauty of the desert.

Jasma of the sands
holding all the
precious water
of the desert
in her eyes,
gazing at me —
to say goodbye.

Satish Gupta has travelled etensively in the Thar Desert in western Rajasthan, living with nomads and experiencing the desert in all its intensity. He has held one man shows on his desert series in New Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Bangalore, Calcutta, the Gallery Bose-Pacia Modern in New York and the Gallery GO in Amsterdam.

His works have also been shown it group shows in Moscow, Leipzig, Poznan, Dubai, Seoul, Zagreb and Vancouver. He has held one mar shows at the Wraxall Gallery in London, Galler; Espace Pont-Neuf in Paris, El-Sol in Altea, the Ufundi Gallery in Ottawa, the Satori Gallery in San Francisco, the Atlantic Gallery in Washington, the Viridian Gallery in New York and the East and West Gallery in Melbourne.

One of his murals (65 metres long) is on display at the Indira Gandhi International Airport it; New Delhi. His monumental metal sculptures on th? five primary elements, which stand over 10 metres tall and weigh about 10 tons, are permanently installed in the Jindal Centre at Bhikaji Cama Place in New Delhi.

His drawings have been published in Vibrations and he illustrated The Road, a book of poems by the Dutch author Germain Droogenbroodt. His own poems have been published in the broken wave. Some of his poems have been published in Spanish and Catalan, and he has recited them at international poetry festivals in Spain.

Satish Gupta was born in New Delhi, where he lives and paints.

ISBN 9788185822808
Pages 256
Number of illustrations 141
Size 10.5 x 13.75" (267 x 349), hc with box
Date of Publishing 2000
Language(s) English
Co-publisher(s) Mapin
Rights Available World rights

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