Rajah – King of The Jungle Mapin Publishing

Rajah – King of The Jungle

Aniket Jaaware
Illustrations by Sean Victory


“The lucid narrative keeps the reader entrapped!... illustrations enhance the drama of the jungle tale.” —The Hindu

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Sought after for his colourful coat, Rajah may be possessed of immense strength, but he is impetuous and careless. He often has to be saved from this scourge by resourceful and brave humbler members of the jungle, such as the squirrel Lil Squi and the jungle mouse Chuhi. They’re joined by Hathi, Loombar, Magar and others. Written lyrically with beautiful illustrations, Rajah of the Jungle makes a unique contribution to the children’s literature. Intended to be read out to younger children, these delectable tales can be enjoyed by parents and teachers also. For older children, the poetic prose is a source of inspiration.

Balraj Khanna is a painter and writer. His previous publications include Human and Divine: 2000 Years of Indian Sculpture (2001), Sweet Chillies (1991) and Nation of Fools: Scenes from Indian Life (1985).

Sean Victory is a freelance illustrator as well as a muralist painting in London schools. His work is represented in numerous private collections.

• Chapter One
Rajah: King of the Jungle

• Chapter Two
One and One make Eleven

• Chapter Three
Two Gentlemen of the Jungle

• Chapter Four
Look before You Leap

• Chapter Five
Poach the Poachers

• Chapter Six
Jungle Statecraft

• Chapter Seven
Extra Pennies from Heaven

• Chapter Eight
The Best Tactic in War

• Chapter Nine
A Jungle Celebration

• Chapter Ten
The White Cross of Destruction

• Chapter Eleven
A Jungle Wedding
ISBN 9788189995560
Pages 112
Number of illustrations 100 illustrations
Size 6.8 x 8.6" (173 x 218 mm), hc
Date of Publishing 2009
Language(s) English
Co-publisher(s) Mapin in association with HarperCollins Children's Books
Rights Available World rights

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