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New Narratives

Contemporary Art from India
Betty Seid
Contributions by Johan Pijnappel

Contemporary art in India reflects her world-recognition as a major player in the new millennium.

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Contemporary art in India reflects her world-recognition as a major player in the new millennium.
The journey from modern to contemporary art in India continues to be one from indigenous to global—intersecting with international art at increasingly frequent intervals as time progresses. By making “now” the curatorial priority, this book has a perspective that has been missing from most previous books and exhibitions of 20th-century art from India. To celebrate only the “glorious” past would be to miss the point of India’s rising global presence, and how far she has come since her mid-century Independence. It is time to celebrate India’s artistic independence. Recent works by 24 artists have been selected to represent art-making in India today. This catalog is published in conjunction with an extensive exhibition of paintings, photography, sculptures and installations, along with works in video and new media, that opens at the Chicago Cultural Center on 20th July 2007.

This endeavor has involved extensive on-site research in India, New York and elsewhere to produce the first exhibition in the United States to feature only works of the 21st century made in India, with several pieces being created solely for this exhibition.

BETTY SEID is an independent curator and writer living in Chicago. Until recently, she was Research Associate and Exhibition Coordinator for South Asian Art at The Art Institute of Chicago, where she curated and oversaw the installation of several important South Asian exhibitions. She has traveled extensively in India and has lectured and participated in symposia on Indian art in the United States and India.

JOHAN PIJNAPPEL is a Dutch art historian/curator living in India. Since
co-curating the World Wide Video Festival in Amsterdam in the 1990s, he has focused his expertise on Asia, particularly India. He has curated international exhibitions that have been presented in Mumbai, New Delhi, Seoul, Beijing, Fukuoka, Brisbane and London.

New Narratives
Indian Video Art and the New Narrative Matrix

LOOKING INWARD: Narratives of the Self
LOOKING OUTWARD: Contemporary Observations
LOOKING BACKWARD: Interpreting Texts

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