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Meera Mukherjee

Purity of Vision
Essays by Nandini Ghosh • Maitreyi Chatterjee • Shilvanti Pracht Georg Lechner • Maja von Rosenbladt • Clelia segieth Pranabranjan Ray • Geeti Sen • Adip Dutta

Choosing bronze as her favourite medium, Meera Mukherjee (1923–1998) formed her own simplistic, modernist, life-like world of sculptures.

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Choosing bronze as her favourite medium, Meera Mukherjee (1923–1998) formed her own simplistic, modernist, life-like world of sculptures.
They possess a ‘life force’ that speaks to the ordinary being instead of alienating them. Mukherjee’s commitment to her practice made her valiant enough to step out of her comfort zone and dedicate herself to visual arts. Her devotion to the craft traditions of India guided her to Madhya Pradesh, Bengal and South India.The artist’s language is similar to that of the quotidian life in her immediate surroundings, shedding light upon social issues.

Mukherjee found pleasure in creating the unknown; she learned the art of spontaneity from her mother’s alpanas. An exposure to realistic art in Delhi and later impressionist art in Europe further nurtured her to create her own
style. Growing up amidst nature and celebrating family traditions, young Meera found joy in the little things of life involving nature and play.

This one of a kind volume offers an understanding of Mukherjee’s art through the most comprehensive collection of essays by writers who have known her personally and professionally. The translated texts from her diary and excerpts from her letters included in this book allow one to closely feel Mukherjee’s response to her surroundings. Mukherjee’s journey as an artist, the element of romanticism in her work, her sculptures and her involvement with the society are some of the many aspects elucidated in the book.

Dr. Nandini Ghosh, currently UGC Post Doctoral Research Fellow in Culture Studies at Visva Bharati, Santiniketan, holds a PhD in Art History from the M.S. University, Baroda.

Late Maitreyi Chatterjee was a women’s rights activist, writer and critic.

Clelia Segieth is a writer and art curator, and was the chief curator at the Buchheim Museum,

Adip Dutta is a member of the Faculty of Visual Arts at Rabindra Bharati University, Kolkata.
Dr. Georg Lechner is the former Director, Goethe- Institut, Kolkata, Mumbai, Delhi, and Europe.

Shilvanti Pracht is a friend of Meera Mukherjee from her college days in Delhi, through the
polytechnic days and college at Munich.

Pranabranjan Ray, an art critic and author, is a founder member and secretary of the Society of Contemporary Artists, Calcutta.

Maja von Rosenbladt, a German national, has been a dear friend of Meera Mukherjee and part of the Dhankhet Bidyalaya.

Dr. Geeti Sen, a cultural historian and author, is the former Director of the Indian Cultural Centre in Nepal, and has been the Chief Editor at the India International Centre, New Delhi.

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