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Manu Parekh Banaras

Eternity Watches Time
Contributions by Aditi De, Meera Menezes, Peter Osborne, Marilyn Rushton, Jeet Thayil, Ashok Vajpeyi, Tanuj Berry, Foreword by Tanuj Berry & Saman Malik

Banaras is the religious capital of India. Situated on the Ganges, it is a pilgrimage site for the Hindu faithful to bathe in the sacred river.

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Banaras is the religious capital of India. Situated on the Ganges, it is a pilgrimage site for the Hindu faithful to bathe in the sacred river.
Banaras contains more than 1,500 temples and mosques. Almost all of the city’s five kilometres of river banks have been converted into ghats. Banaras has over a hundred bathing and burning ghats, of which Manikarnika ghat is the most sacred. This is the main burning ghat and one of the most auspicious places. Day and night, the fires burn at Manikarnika ghat and the remains of the dead are scattered upon the river. To die in Banaras is to die blessed; many move here to live out their final days.

Manu Parekh has executed a series of paintings inspired by the city. In turn, this book is a collection of the essays by seven writers who have been inspired by his work in this series. Tanuj Berry considers the use of red in the Banaras paintings while Aditi De looks at the theme of holiness and pilgrimage. We hear the voice of Manu Parekh in the inclusion of an interview with the artist in which he explains what attracted him to Banaras and how the city ignited his creativity. Thematic issues are treated by several of the essayists including a comparison with icon painting. These essays offer a thorough assessment of the themes and motivations in the series.

Manu Parekh made a conscious decision to concentrate on landscape in the series to give himself the opportunity to play out the dynamic of faith and fear that he identifies as uniquely Indian. The Banaras series is a symbolic rendering of this relationship. Painted in the Indian Expressionist style these works have a significant role in the development of modern Indian painting.

Aditi De is a writer, columnist and editor. She is the author of Articulations: Voices from Contemporary Indian Visual Art (2004).

Meera Menezes is a producer at the South Asia ARD First German Television. She has been involved in the contemporary Indian art scene since the late eighties.

Peter Osborne worked at Christie’s Contemporary Art and was a chairman of the Harlech Fine Art group. He co-founded the Osborne Samuel Gallery in 2004.

Marilyn Rushton is a lawyer and an academic with a strong interest in contemporary Indian art.

Jeet Thayil is a poet and has received awards from the New York Foundation for the Arts and the Rockefeller Foundation.

Ashok Vajpeyi is an eminent poet-critic who composes
on the visual arts. He is currently working on a book about SH Raza.

Tanuj Berry is a friend and collector of Manu Parekh’s art. He has been involved with a number of significant publications on Indian artists.

Foreword Tanuj Berry & Saman Malik
A Sanctum of the Human Spirit Aditi De: Banaras Sunset
Night Landscape of Banaras Peter Osborne: Night Landscape of Banaras
Eternity Watches Time Ashok Vajpeyi: Holy Water at Banaras
Landscape as Mindscape Meera Menezes: Banaras
Talking da Vinci and Tagore: Evening at Banaras
The Sensual Engine: How to Find Majaa in Manu Parekh’s Banaras Jeet Thayil: Banaras Sunshine
No One is Alone in Banaras Ashok Vajpeyi: Banaras in Black and White
Banaras in Monsoon Marilyn Rushton: Banaras in Monsoon
Landscape of Banaras Peter Osborne: Landscape of Banaras
Dawn Light Deities Marilyn Rushton: Banaras at Dawn
Moonlight Banaras Marilyn Rushton: Moonlight Banaras
The Thrice-Named City: A Colour Alphabet Jeet Thayil: Colours of Banaras
Banaras in Red Tanuj Berry: Banaras in Red
The Blue Surge of Banaras Aditi De: Banaras in Blue
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ISBN 9788188204939
Pages 218
Number of illustrations 153 colour illustrations
Size 11 x 10" (280 x 254 mm), hc
Date of Publishing 2007
Language(s) English
Co-publisher(s) Mapin in association with Lund Humphries
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