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Krishen Khanna

The Embrace of Love
Gayatri Sinha
Photographs by Karan Khanna

Krishen Khanna speaks of his drawing as an intuitive process, “I start to scratch the surface of a piece of paper.

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Krishen Khanna speaks of his drawing as an intuitive process, “I start to scratch the surface of a piece of paper.
Soon enough, the pencil moves as if of its own accord, putting my hand this way and that rather like a pencil in a planchet creating a nervous scribble meaningful only to the directing ghost….” In an output of painting that exceeds fifty years, Khanna attracts more than one reading of his work. His paintings and drawings emerge as nuanced narratives in which the artist plays out his formal concerns, as well as the shifting and unfolding theatre of human relationships. Politics and identity remain fluid in the larger question of humanity. Effectively, the paintings constitute a powerful psychological engagement, one that also serves as a document of the passage of time in modern India. While many Indian artists during these decades have slipped in and out of experimentation with other media, Khanna has remained faithful to painting and drawing as central to his art practice. Retrospectively, in a career that has spanned nearly six decades, his large body of work places him at the apex of engagement with everyday Indian life.

Gayatri Sinha is an independent curator and art critic based in New Delhi. She has edited the seminal volume Expressions and Evocations: Contemporary Women Artists in India, Woman/Goddess and Indian Art: An Overview. She is also the author of Krishen Khanna: A Critical Biography. Her curated exhibitions include ‘The Self and the World’ (National Gallery of Modern Art, New Delhi, 1997), ‘Vilas: The Idea of Pleasure’ (Birla Academy, Mumbai, 2000), ‘Cinema Still’ (New Delhi, 2002), ‘Woman/Goddess’ (1998–2001, a travelling exhibition) and ‘Middle Age Spread’ (National Museum, New Delhi, 2004). She has been credited with a Department of Culture and is also the recipient of a Ford Foundation award.

ISBN 9788188204625
Pages 120
Number of illustrations 63
Size 8.75 x 11.75" (222 x 299 mm), hc
Date of Publishing 2005
Language(s) English
Co-publisher(s) Mapin
Rights Available World rights

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