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Captured in Miniature

Mughal Lives through Mughal Art
Suhag Shirodkar

The Mughals established a mighty empire that dominated India for two centuries.

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The Mughals established a mighty empire that dominated India for two centuries.
With their passion for nature and art, the Mughal emperors laid out verdant gardens, built splendid monuments (including the Taj Mahal) and commissioned beautiful books. Books were precious to the Mughal kings. Expensive and laborious to produce, they were symbols of royal wealth, power and intelligence. At the height of Mughal power, the imperial studios hummed with the activity of hundreds of papermakers, calligraphers, painters and bookbinders, all producing books for the royal libraries. Many manuscripts were illustrated with exquisite miniature paintings, in which the Mughals took a special delight. Today these books and paintings, treasured by museums around the world, offer us unique perspectives into Mughal lives.

Suhag Shirodkar enjoys watching young people learn and wishes grown-ups would stop taking the joy out of learning. Th is book was born of her conviction that children will delight in history—if adults will bring it alive for them. In her workday, Suhag manages Teclarity, her technical documentation company. She loves to make ceramic tile, watch birds, discuss business ideas, and take her kayak out to sea. Although solely responsible for the sudden demise of her daughters’ beloved cockatiels, she remains, by and large, a good parent. Suhag divides her time between India and California, but her heart is always in Goa.

• The Mughal Dynasty
• Royal Lives
• A Love for Nature
• Dress and Costume
• Celebrations
• Royal Pursuits
• A Painter's Life
ISBN 9788188204830
Pages 120
Number of illustrations 63
Size 8.5 x 11" (216 x 280 mm), hc
Date of Publishing 2007, 2010
Language(s) English
Co-publisher(s) Mapin
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