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Bangladeshi Cuisine

Shawkat Osman
Photographs by Rukhsara Osman

The theme of this book is aappayon or entertaining the Bangladeshi way.

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The theme of this book is aappayon or entertaining the Bangladeshi way.
Aappayon is essential to the spread of food which will greet the guests. Getting together to share good food is at the centre of aappayon—and everything that you need to entertain the Bangladeshi way is here in this book. It will help make the food on your table pleasurable for both—your guests to enjoy, and for you to prepare. 

The menus are designed to steer you through the procedure of planning a party, selecting the recipes and finally preparing the food. The book gives a rare insight into the life of the Bangladeshi people and explains various rituals and traditions.

Each menu has an opening section detailing its essence and most of the recipes provide detailed information about their main ingredients and any other item of special interest. In addition, the book contains a comprehensive introduction to Bangladeshi cuisine and an exhaustive glossary. The spices and ingredients uncommon outside Bangladesh are explained and their substitutes have been suggested.

Shawkat Osman, a passionate lover of Russian novels and Suchitra Sen films, once loved to go out on hunts, but only to accompany his friends. He had not yet discovered his culinary skills then but volunteered to cook for the group. Cooking became one of his passionate hobbies ever since. Not soon after, people began to admire his skills and appreciated his delicious indulgence. One such admirer, Neema Rahman, a performer/director/producer, invited Osman to host a television cookery show. Sometime later Sara Zaker arranged a cookery show on Kolkata-based Tara TV. He fondly named his show Khunti Korai (the two essential utensils needed by a Bengali cook). He has since published his recipes in many magazines.

Osman is a businessman living in Dhaka. This is his first book.

• Preface
• Bangladeshi Cuisine
• The Menus
• Friends & Family
• Jamai Shasthi
• Rainy Day
• Winter Breakfast
• Hilsa Fest
• The Brunch
• Eid Mubarrak
• Bijoya Sanmilani
• Prem Bhoj
• Banquet
• Shubho Nobo Borshaw
• Flavourings
• Glossary
• Index
ISBN 9788189995256
Pages 144
Number of photographs 39
Size 6.75 x 8.75" (172 x 222 mm), hc
Date of Publishing 2008
Language(s) English
Co-publisher(s) Mapin in association with Bangla Television Pvt. Ltd., Kolkata
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