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Vision from the Inner Eye

The Photographic Art of A.L. Syed
O.P. Sharma

This book is a tribute to Abid Mian Lal Mian Syed (known as A L Syed)—the man and his work.

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This book is a tribute to Abid Mian Lal Mian Syed (known as A L Syed)—the man and his work.
His exceptional technical skill and artistic eye, in a career spanning 70 years, produced hundreds of striking images that are a treasure of Indian photographic heritage.

He first gained a reputation as the most loved official state photographer for the royal families of Palanpur in Gujarat and other princely states of India in the 1920s. He accompanied the Nawab of Palanpur in his travels around the country and from 1940 to 1975 he lived with him in Bombay.

With his favourite Rolleicord camera ever near, A L Syed was alert at all times in expectation of finding an image to capture with his lens. He thus had an unlimited range of subjects, from wildlife to landscapes to architecture to day-to-day life. His work has a contemporary quality, as he looked at everything from a unique perspective. With his brilliant use of light and shadow, his genre compositions are like works of abstract art.

His most famous photograph, Traveller of the East, first brought him international acclaim when it won the Popular Photography award in 1935. For more than 50 years his work appeared in many national and international publications, including National Geographic, and won numerous contests, competitions and awards. He became well known amongst his peers and inspired many young photographers to attempt to achieve his height.

O P Sharma is a highly gifted, esteemed photographic artist and is internationally well-known in his field. He is Founder Honorary General Secretary of the India International Photographic Council; Honorary Fellow of the Royal Photographic Society, UK; Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts, UK; and Honorary Member and Fellow of the Photographic Society of America (PSA). He is also a country representative of PSA in India.

He has won over 500 awards in national and international exhibitions and contests, including: the Grand Prize of the Saturday Review, USA; the Pentax Award, Japan; the Kodak International Contest; the Asia /2 National Award of Government of India; the Merilon Award of the Singapore Photographic Society; and the Stuvysent Peabody Memorial Award of PSA. In 1970 he represented India in the 100 Photo Masters of the World in the former USSR.

His works are in the collection of museums in the USA, Brazil and Australia.

ISBN 9788185822815
Pages 112
Number of photographs 93 duotone photographs
Size 9 x 11" (229 x 280 mm), sc
Date of Publishing 2001
Language(s) English
Co-publisher(s) Mapin
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