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Where Tigers Fly and Lions Have Horns
Sohail Hashmi
Artist Pervez Rajan

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The Buddha himself did not travel beyond north India, but his disciples spread his teachings far and wide, in south Asia and beyond the seas and the Himalayas. A typical Buddhist structure is a stupa, enclosing relics of Buddhist saints. On the hill of Sanchi, in modern Madhya Pradesh, stupas and monasteries were built from the 3rd century BCE. Stupa 1, described in this book, began as a small brick structure which was later enclosed in a larger one. Much later, in the 5th century CE, statues of Buddha were added at the site.

Sohail Hashmi loves travelling with family, friends and a camera to explore little–known places across India. He started the “Delhi Heritage Walks with Sohail Hashmi” in 2005 to introduce children, and now adults too, to the wonderful history and heritage of the city. He also makes films to help people learn more about India’s culture. He enjoyed writing this book because Sanchi is one of his favourite destinations, with its beautiful, 2000–year old carvings and long history.

Pervez Rajan is an artist who has worked in many cities across India. This is lucky for him, because he also loves to travel and explore new places! He once illustrated the many monuments of Anegundi, near Hampi in Karnataka, to help tourists appreciate the beauty of the place. He is fascinated by details of architecture and carvings, and so depicting the many features of Sanchi was a pleasurable task for him. He hopes to continue to use his art to communicate with a wide range of people.

ISBN 9789385360527
Pages 32
Number of illustrations 23 and a map
Size 11.69 x 8.27" (297 x 210 mm), sc
Date of Publishing 2018
Language(s) English
Co-publisher(s) Mapin in association with Parag, an initiative of TATA trust
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