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Living Traditions in Indian Art

Martin Gurvich and Tryna Lyons

Devotional art has permeated everyday life in India for centuries.

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Devotional art has permeated everyday life in India for centuries.
Contemporary artists continue to create visual representations of Hindu divinities in new and refreshing ways. This rich catalogue presents contemporary devotional art, which is exhibited in the Museum of Sacred Art in Belgium. A beautiful and one-of-its-kind collection, it includes modern paintings in traditional styles, metal icons, stone sculptures, ritual objects, masks and puppets. It also shows sacred art that has emerged from the Hare Krishna Movement.

Martin Gurvich is the founder and director of Museum of Sacred Art. He is a member of the executive board of Radhadesh, the largest Hindu temple in Belgium, and is the general secretary of the Hindu Forum of Belgium and the Hindu Forum of Europe. He is a member of the executive board of United Religions Initiative Europe. He is also the president of Jose Gurvich Foundation, which manages a museum of the work of his father, the well-known artist, Jose Gurvich. Martin lives at Radhadesh with his family.

Tryna Lyons is a Seattle-based art historian with degrees from the University of California in Berkeley, and the American University of Paris. She has held research grants from the Fulbright Foundation and Guggenheim Foundation, and has taught at universities in the US and the Middle East. Her book on the Nathadwara painters of Rajasthan, The Artists of Nathadwara, was published in 2004 by Indiana University Press in association with Mapin Publishing.

• Preface
• Foreword
• Connecting Humanity with the Divine
• Living Traditions in Indian Art: The Divine Image
• India
• Painting
• Orissa
• Tanjore (Tamil Nadu)
• Rajasthan
• Mysore (Karnataka)
• Kerala
• Mithila (Bihar)
• Sculptures
• Nepal and Tibet
• Indonesia
• Thailand
• The Art of Hare Krishna Movement
• Biographies of Artists
• Glossary
• Further reading
ISBN 9788189995416
Pages 272
Number of illustrations 240
Size 9.5 x 11.5" (241 x 292 mm), hc
Date of Publishing 2010
Language(s) English
Co-publisher(s) Mapin in association with Museum of Sacred Art, Belgium
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